The Yacht


"50 Free", a Soverel 50 racing yacht, was originally built in built in West Palm Beach, FL for Mark Soverel himself. The hull and deck were laid in 1984 when health issues put a temporary halt to her completion. The boat was finished in the late 1980's by a Chicago business man who had a successful racing career in the Great Lakes for many years. I raced the boat for several years in the 2010's and then chose the more relaxed life of a Charter Boat Captain and am delighted to be able to offer this special experience to our guests. 


Unlike it's stripped out competitors of the day, "50 Free" sports a luxurious interior featuring teak and holly cabin soles, solid mahogony doors, Italian leather and two marine heads. You can see detailed specs of the yacht here.


The yacht's name "50 Free" came from the fact that I purchased her when I was 50 years old, the boat is 50 feet long and as a tribute to my life long sport of competitive swimming and my fondness for that fast sprint event.